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A taste of Australia

Deliciously feel good.

Yummy Kitchen Co and our flagship brand Native Indulgence is proud to present our range of cakes, slices and crackers inspired by native ingredients.

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Back to Routine Special!

Now that your kids are back to school and many of us have returned to work, why not indulge and make the most of getting back to normal!

We have your morning tea and afternoon ‘pick me up’ all sorted. Whether for yourself or your work colleagues we know this cake will be enjoyed by all.

As you have already experienced, this cake is made of 70% Fruit & Whole Nuts and will give you that indulgent break you deserve.

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Our cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients that we can source.

Sun-soaked glace fruit steeped in brandy, mixed with nuts, flour, sugar, eggs and essences, and then baked to perfection. The fruits and nuts include Apricots, Pineapple, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, Sultanas, Dates, Cashews, Brazil Nuts and Almonds. Baked, glazed and decorated and lovingly placed in stylised box ready to go out to the world.

Contains over 70% fruit and nuts in every cake

Chunks of fruit and whole nuts baked in


No two cakes exactly the same

A piece of Australian sunshine in every bite

The Classic Australian

Celebration Cake

Chunks of Sun-soaked glace and dried fruits steeped in brandy, mixed with largely whole nuts, combined with flour, sugar, eggs and essences, and then baked to perfection.

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The fruits and nuts collectively comprise over 70% of the product and include Apricots, Pineapple, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, Sultanas, Dates, Cashews, Brazil Nuts and Almonds. Baked, glazed and decorated and lovingly placed inside a full colour high quality box to complete the premium indulgent and gift giving appeal.

Usage suggestions – Self Indulgent treat, Superb accompaniment to your cheese and fruit platter for that something extra special, gift giving or just as an everyday feel good snack with your coffee.

Available in 3 sizes
The Classic

The Classic

Chunks of Sun-soaked glace and dried fruits steeped in brandy, mixed with largely whole nuts, combined with flour, sugar, eggs and essences, and then baked to perfection.

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Grazing Slices 220gm

Grazing Slices 220gm

Our Native Indulgence Original Celebration cake sliced into approximately 10mm thick pieces and lovingly placed in a flow wrapped tray. Perfect for entertaining and as the pack says "Perfect for Platters that Matter".

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The Classic 175gm

The Classic 175gm

Our delicious Original Celebration cake is now available is a smaller, more convenient format. The same delicious ingredients, made the same way by hand, to ensure no two are exactly the same. Enjoy all year round, that "something special" to take with you when visiting.

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Native Artisan Crackers

The New Range

Our Native Artisan Crackers are a delicious, premium quality, Australian-made cracker with a difference

Handcrafted using the best seeds and grains, they’re infused with just a hint of Native Australian ingredients. They make the perfect accompaniment to grazing boards as well as your favourite cheeses and dips.

Rivermint and Strawberry
Native Artisan Crackers

Rivermint and Strawberry

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Saltbush and Cranberry
Native Artisan Crackers

Saltbush and Cranberry

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Wattleseed and Fig
Native Artisan Crackers

Wattleseed and Fig

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Kakadu Plum and Basil
Native Artisan Crackers

Kakadu Plum and Basil

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The Australian classic

About Us

Established in 1988 and originally named “The Classic Cake”, and to this day still wholly South Australian owned and manufactured it was soon on supermarket shelves in Australia.

Our History

In the early 90’s the first export shipment of 8000 cakes was off to the UK and Tesco Supermarkets. In 1997 the name was changed from ‘Classic’ to ‘Australian Celebration Cake’ and the tag line “A taste of Australian Sunshine” was added to the packs alongside a new label. Since then The Yummy Kitchen Co has exported its uniquely Australian cakes to New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UAE.

In Australia, its customer base is fiercely loyal. Regular requests from customers made The Yummy Kitchen Co realise that the Cake could be enjoyed year round, not just at Christmas and in 2001 the first container of Cakes was shipped to the UK for Easter.

An Australian Classic

Ideal as a self-indulgent treat, added as an accompaniment to a cheese or fruit platter or as a unique gift to show someone just how much you value them, Native Indulgence cakes can be enjoyed all year round. Native Indulgence Australian Celebration Cake are what its original name was a” CLASSIC”. Try a slice today and taste for yourself that “Australian Sunshine” and see what all the fuss is about.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact us to get in touch with us directly.

Is the cake and the ingredients made and sourced in Australia?

Yes the cake is made at our facility located in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, Australia.
At all times Australian ingredients are sources wherever possible

I want to send a cake to the UK, what is the use by date on the cake and will it arrive there in good condition?

The cakes are made with one year’s shelf life. The cake is sealed in a bag and placed inside a box. The products packaging will protect the cake from all normal wear and tear and if handled properly will arrive in good condition.

Can I order a cake online and pick up from the premises at Wingfield?

Yes you can, with payment prior to collection through the payment options on the website.

I wish to buy cakes all year round, why do the major supermarkets only seem to sell them for a short period of time around November and December.

Unfortunately at this stage the supermarkets view the cakes as a seasonal Christmas line and only range them in for a three month period, October through to December. Some selected stores do carry them all year round, please contact us for further information. You can order all year round through on online store.

I would like to take with me away from the house as a snack. Is there any way you can make this product into an individually wrapped slice?

Please see our grazing slices on the website pre-cut for your convenience.

I have noticed that some of the cakes look slightly different and some seem to have different fruits why?

The great thing with our cakes is because they are hand made no two will be identical. The batch we make has exactly the same quantity of Fruit and Nuts in each, but because of our unique mixing methods some cakes can end up with slightly more of one fruit or nut than the next. The fruit and nut content of each cake however will always remain at the same high level of over 70%.

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