Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the cake and the ingredients made and sourced in Australia?

Yes the cake is made at our facility located in the suburb of Beverly in South Australia. At all times Australian ingredients are sources wherever possible

I want to send a cake to the UK, what is the u se by date on the cake and will it arrive there in good condition?

The cakes are made with one year’s shelf life. The cake is sealed inside an airtight reusable acetate container and then placed inside the box. The products packaging will protect the cake from all normal wear and tear and if handled properly will arrive in good condition.

Can I order a cake online and pick up from the premises at Wingfield?

Yes you can, with payment prior to collection through the payment options on the website.

I wish to buy cakes all year round, why do the major supermarkets only seem to sell them for a short period of time around November and December.

Unfortunately at this stage the supermarkets view the cakes as a seasonal Christmas line and only range them in for a three month period, October through to December. We are working hard with them to range as an everyday line and will advise when this occurs. You can order all year round through on online store.

I would like to take with me away from the house as a snack. Is there any way you can make this product into a individually wrapped slice?

We are working hard with new product development and this is one of the ideas we are exploring to make our product more portable.

I have noticed that some of the cakes look slightly different and some seem to have different fruits why?

The great thing with our cakes is because they are hand made no two will be identical. The batch we make has exactly the same quantity of Fruit and Nuts in each, but because of our unique mixing methods some cakes can end up with slightly more of one fruit or nut than the next. The fruit and nut content of each cake however will always remain at the same high level of over 70%.

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